The Sea Devil's Eye (Forgotten Realms: The Threat from the by Mel Odom

By Mel Odom

Iakhovas has brought on extra destruction than any strength because the Time of issues, yet his real aim has been a secret . . . till now.

When a tender sailor's trip is whole, an getting older bard's ultimate track is sung, and a malenti priestess faces her so much tough try, the chance from the ocean concludes in an explosive climax that may set all of Faerûn reeling.

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It signifies the principle that the just and true must pause before acting to judge whether their intentions uphold Torm's ideals. Temples, civic s tructures, and the homes of the faithfu l are often decorated with images of the Hand Resolute as a constant reminder of this principle. Worshipers of Torm come from most walks of life, for he welcomes any who seek the best in themselves and others, who uphold his tenets of loyalty, responsibility, duty, a nd kindness, or who are wi llin g to sacrifice to keep evi l from gaining ascendancy in the world.

Lantan had been the preeminent place of Gond's worship in the world until a century ago, when the island nation disappeared, and since its return the few Lantanese merchants seen in Sword Coast ports have said little about the present state of their homeland. GWAERON WINDSTROM The Mouth of Mielikki, the Master Tracker, the Tracker ever Led Astray Few aside from rangers of the North pray to Gwaeron Windstrom. Said to have been a mortal man elevated to godhood by Mielikki, Gwaeron serves rangers as their intercessor with Mielikki.

Tempus's favor might be randomly distributed, but over the centuries his priests have made an effort to spread and enforce a common code of warfare-to make war a thing of rules, respect for reputations, and professional behavior. This code, called Tempus's Honor, has the purpose of making conflicts brief, decisive, and as safe as possible for those not directly involved. The rules in the code include the following: arm anyone who has need of a weapon; disparage no foe; acquit oneself with bravery; train all for battle; and don't engage in feuds.

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