Elves of Evermeet (AD&D Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten by Anne Gray McCready

By Anne Gray McCready

This can be the tough to discover Forgotten accent: ELVES OF EVERMEET!! it's very tough to discover! i've got a host of FORGOTTEN nation-states goods on the market correct NOW!! PLEASE HAVE A LOOK!!

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Home of Kavrala Nightsong (mage) Drelagara This Gold elf town of about 2,000 inhabitants is notable because of its location amid lush meadows and grasslands. Drelagara is a major center for moon-horse breeding and training, and a large herd of more than 1,500 moon-horses roams the surrounding lands freely. A few Silver and Green elves also live in Drelagara, working as stable keepers, servants, and grooms for the horses. Non-Gold elves gather at Blackthorn’s Haven, a local tavern known for its wild atmosphere.

20. House Le’Quella. This long, rectangular building is magically made from light-colored wood and sprouts thick green leaves for the roof and doorways. Le’Quella is a Silver elf family, although it has many members with Green elven ancestry. The family is known for its outlandish dress that is unusual even for Green elves. This building is the scene of many wild discussions, arguments, and good-natured fighting between members of this contentious, but ultimately close-knit and loyal family. Le’ Quella’s matriarch is a sorceress named Huquethae, who oversees her chaotic family with wisdom and good humor.

Today, the house is relatively quiet. Most of its members are more than 700 years old and spend much of their time resting in reverie or creating fine works of art. Raerdrimne statuary, jewelry, paintings, and ceramics are prized throughout Evermeet, and each piece requires months or years of painstaking craftsmanship. Tragically, every survivor knows that Raerdrimne is dying. No children have been born to the house in centuries, and most house members have progressed down their road of life to a point where they can look forward only to departure and union with the Seldarine.

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