Deep Horizon (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying by Skip Williams

By Skip Williams

The Underdark Holds Many SecretsA sequence of earthquakes and eruptions have rocked a generally placid land. unknown creatures sighted at the hours of darkness of evening elevate fears around the already disturbed geographical region. As stories of a misplaced race that after warred with the drow start to floor, merely the boldest adventurers dare to descend into the shadow darkness.Deep Horizon is a stand-alone experience for the Dungeons & Dragons online game. Designed to problem 13th-level D&D characters, it provides a long-forgotten civilization for heroes to find and shop, in the event that they can.To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player's instruction manual, the Dungeon Master's advisor, and the Monster guide.

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Characters can avoid the beholder’s eye rays and the desmodus’ arrows by hugging the blindspots around and below each arrow slit (though this leaves them exposed to attacks from area 4). Once the characters figure out how to hide from the beholder’s eye rays, the beholder uses some of its dust of disappearance and flies out the crack 3 in the wall to carry the fight to the PCs. ) When the beholder leaves the tower, the desmodu follows suit (though it must climb up to the crack and them jump down to area 2).

A smashed portcullis of rusty iron partially blocks the arch. Beyond the portcullis, the passage takes a sharp turn to the left, leaving you staring through the arch at a natural stone wall pierced with three rows of arrow slits. The lowest row is perhaps 5 feet above the chamber floor, with the upper two rows at about 20 and 35 feet. The bits of statue came from a war bat a desmodu explorer rode toward the gatehouse. The beholder in area 3 turned the bat to stone, and the statue plum- 2 meted to the ground and shattered.

Each round of operation extends or retracts the bridge 5 feet; the moat is 20 feet wide, so that means it will take 4 rounds to extend it fully. The east wall holds the windlass that operates the portcullis at the east end of area 2. The mechanism turns smoothly, but requires a Strength check (DC 10) each round to operate. Each round of operation raises or lowers the portcullis 5 feet. 6. Barracks (EL 11) These chambers once housed the gatehouse’s drow garrison and are now home to the desmodus.

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