Dawn's Awakening (The Breeds, Book 4) by Lora Leigh

By Lora Leigh

New within the horny paranormal sequence that positioned Lora Leigh at the bestseller lists. "Leigh attracts readers into her tales and takes them on a sensual curler coaster." An erotic thrill experience approximately genetically altered Breeds with tom cat DNA-and the people who arouse their lust. The runt of the lab she was once created in, sunrise Daniels continued years of torture via her satisfaction brother and the council squaddies. eventually free of her torment, she's now a Breed Enforcer, answerable for her personal lifestyles. till she's assigned to guard the only guy destined to be her mate—and realizes it is too effortless to lose overall regulate.

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His lips thinned as she watched the anger build inside him. Well, that was fine with her. Let him get mad. Let him get as mad as she was and let him burn inside. ” She lifted to her tiptoes and almost, just almost managed to get right in his face as she dropped the duffel bag, placed her hands against his chest and pushed furiously. “You have a problem on your hands, stud. ” He fell back a step, his expression frankly incredulous as she felt, scented, knew, the hunger that began to whip through his system.

She pushed away from his chest, but the offended tone of her voice held a shade more interest than Seth was certain she wanted known. ” Dane replaced the cigar between his teeth and chuckled before holding his hand out to Seth and glancing over his shoulder at the Breeds. ” he questioned. ” Dane was one of the few people aware of the attempts on Seth’s life over the past months. Seth grinned back at the Breeds, his eyes twinkling in amusement. ” Seth restrained his own grin at Caroline’s obvious attraction to Dane.

Breed Law forbade interfering with mates. And despite the reversal of the hormone, Seth and Dawn were still mates. Though it was Dash’s guess that that reversal was making a sudden turn to renew itself. He had smelled the scent of the hormone on Seth’s flesh, and he had seen the flinch Seth couldn’t control as Caroline threw herself against him. “Dawn’s awakening,” he heard his daughter whisper behind him, and he turned to her quickly, his eyes narrowing suspiciously as a single tear slipped down Cassie’s pale face.

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