Darkwalker on Moonshae (Forgotten Realms: The Moonshae by Douglas Niles

By Douglas Niles

The 1st Forgotten geographical regions name ever released, now introduced again into print!
Darkwalker on Moonshae was once the first actual novel ever released within the Forgotten geographical regions environment. showing in 1987, this name introduced what has now develop into a powerful and ever-expanding land of experience for thousands of readers. Unavailable for the previous a number of years, this name is now again in print in a newly recovered mass industry variation. the opposite titles during this trilogy may also be re-released within the similar season in order that readers might simply acquire the complete trilogy.

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Beware, my lord," called Alek, coming up to me. There were two red spots high on his cheeks from the lashing wind. I showed him my teeth in a tight smile and turned away. It was a knife I had to fear, not a push. He stood next to me by the wall. "It's amazing," he said, finally relaxing enough to appreciate the view. A thousand feet below, all the valley was spread before us: the army camp, the village, and thick, dark forest to the horizon. The River Mis and the Svalich Road cut roughly parallel paths of silver and brown running east.

Like ghosts. Leo's pupils shrank to pinpricks. He made the protective sign of his faith and flinched back against Alek. I wasn't certain if he feared the magicked blade or the fact that I knew how to raise and reveal it. The others displayed similar reactions of honest horror once they arrived and the story was shared. Ivan Buchvold all but collapsed after receiving the double blow that not only was his young brother dead, but he had also been a Ba'al Verzi assassin. "Impossible," he said, over and over.

Propping him up were his younger brother, Illya, and his brother-in-law, Leo Dilisnya, who also looked worse for wear. All three had proved themselves a dozen times over in battle, so I wasn't going to chide them for their excesses. The morning's ride would sweat the wine from their blood soon enough. Behind Leo stood his oldest sibling, Reinhold Dilisnya. He was only a few years younger than I, but managed to look much older. His grim face seemed daunting until one learned that it was the result of chronically poor digestion.

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