Dark Sun Creature Catalog by Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell, Ari Marmell, Chris Sims

By Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell, Ari Marmell, Chris Sims

Monsters and different threats from the realm of Athas.This complement for the darkish sunlight® crusade atmosphere collects the main iconic and hazardous monsters of the darkish solar crusade surroundings into one convenient tome. It additionally comprises different risks and threats present in the wasteland wastelands and dungeon tombs of Athas. The creatures and threats provided herein make invaluable encounters for Athasian heroes or the heroes on your “homebrew” D&D® crusade.

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It exploits its longspear's reach, moving about qUickly while staying with its target. ELADRIN MIRAGE ADEPT The wavering mirages and blowing winds open like a curtain, and the mirage adepts step through behind the veiled warriors. Around them, reality ripples and shifts. Eladrin Mirage Adept Level 7 Controller Medium fey human oid XP 30 0 Initiative +6 Perception +9 Low·light vision HP 80; Bloodied 40 AC 21, Fortitude 19, Reflex 20, Will 19 Speed 6 Saving Throws +5 against charm effects . ' (±) Dagger (psychic, weapon) + At·WIII Fey Step (teleportation) + Encounter Effect: The adept teleports 5 squares.

Will 16 Perception +8 Speed 7 Sharpshooter's Advantage The sniper deals 3 extra damage against any creature it is hidden from. Wild Step The sniper ignores difficult terrain when it shifts. CD Bone Dagger (weapon) + At-Will Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +8 vs. AC Hit: 5 damage. ® Chatkcha (weapon) + At-Will Attock: Ranged 6/11 (one creature); +8 vs. AC Hit: 5 damage. Elven Misdirection. At-Will Effect: The sniper moves 2 squares. If it has cover or conceal­ ment, it can make a Stealth check to become hidden with an automatic check result of 25.

A drake sails in surrounded by its wind veil and rips at its target, then buffets the victim with a blast of wind to force it over the edge. It does not risk counterattacks by focusing too long on anyone target. Bloodied Response + Encounter Tri88er: The drake is first bloodied. Effect (Free Action): Wind veil recharges. and the drake uses it. Control the Wind + At-Will Tri88er: An enemy hits the drake. Attack (Immediate Reaction): Close burst 5 (triggering enemy in burst); +27 vs. AC Hit: 6d6 + 9 damage, and the drake slides the target 3 squares.

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