Dark Legend (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 8) by Christine Feehan, Eric Michael Summerer, Audible Studios

By Christine Feehan, Eric Michael Summerer, Audible Studios

Gabriel wakes deep in the floor, and the 1st sensation he feels is an overpowering starvation for blood. yet as he hunts the darkish streets of Paris for prey, a voice calls to him, soothing, calming, giving him the power to manage his yearning. Francesca Del Ponce is a healer, a girl who radiates goodness as powerfully because the solar does gentle. even though Garbriel is aware she's going to be like sizzling silk in his hands, notwithstanding he understands the style of her should be addictive, he fears for her lifestyles and his soul if he is taking her. Then with one mind-shattering vow she provides herself-- I provide freely, with out reservation, I provide my lifestyles for yours as is my right--and with a firestorm of long-forgotten emotions, he glimpses salvation. Love Spell e-book membership choice!

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But that commonality is not love, Francesca. " Gabriel's black eyes moved over her face. Very gently he reached out to tug her chin up. "I do not have to read your mind to know just how often he has asked this question of you. No man, human or otherwise, would take long to try to make you his. " "I don't love you, Gabriel. And that matters to me. " His eyes laughed at her. "Great sex," he corrected. A small answering smile flirted with her mouth. "All right then, great sex," she conceded. "Don't get any ideas, I'm just giving the devil his due.

Her arms slipped around his neck and she held him close as he thrust into her, surging in and out, reaching ever higher while she careened over the cliffs into a free fall that went on and on until he exploded into her, falling with her, their bodies entangled so that neither could tell where one started and the other left off. Gabriel held her to him, slowing their heartbeats, more than satisfied with her reaction. Rather than being angry with him at his deliberate seduction, she was pressing her beautiful mouth into the hollow of his shoulder, her body soft and pliant.

Francesca felt her heart turn over. She hated this kind of thing, had fought for centuries to establish safe havens for women and children, yet there were never enough. Fourteen years old. Why would a father torture and abuse his own child while her species fought so hard to preserve their children? Carpathian males always protected women and children above their own lives. It just didn't make any sense and her heart bled for the poor teenager with no one to protect her from the very person who should have loved her the most.

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