Cult of the Dragon (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten by Dale Donovan

By Dale Donovan

Herein is written the tale of the Cult of the Dragon, starting with its origin in response to an imprecise line in a tome of historic prophecy. research of the Cult's strongest present cells, their leaders, the dragons and dracoliches that paintings with them (or for them), and their targets. notice the numerous foes the Cult has earned in over 4 centuries of treachery and industrious malevolent dealings. additionally integrated are the main points of a few of the spells and magical goods of the Cult and its dragons and dracoliches, together with the single merchandise that no Cult member will ever admit the life of, less declare to own. examine the numerous magical variation and hybrid creatures that the Cult makes use of to excercise its will around the face of Faerun.

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As news of the unspeakable deed spread through the crowd, Dagan completed the unholy ritual by summoning the “avatar” of his new god—and Aurgloroasa was loose in the city. In the chaos that followed, fewer than 30 dwarves escaped the maelstrom of evil that had been unleashed. Within a tenday, Thunderholme was a lifeless city, reeking of decay. Over the next few weeks, the Sibilant Shade hunted down and killed every single dwarf who escaped the carnage in Thunderholme, but she did not recover every magical runestone capable of revealing and opening the sealed gates of the dwarven city.

A Cult member who is assigned such operations normally has access to more than enough wealth to whet the appetites of most adventuring bands, and for many an offer of ample reward or payment is all that it takes. The final type of Cult operative is the shadow. This is a woman or man who takes little, if any, part in the day-today activities and schemes of the Cult. This person’s job is to remain an upstanding citizen, a legitimate merchant, or whatever role fits the locale until such time as the Cult needs him or her to act.

The city of Urmlaspyr is a relatively open and indulgent one, but this guise is a simple cover for the Cult of the Dragon, whose Sembian cell called it home for many many years after Sammaster’s death at the hands of Lathander. The Cult controls nearly every politician in town and not a thing happens in Urmlaspyr without its approval. It is assumed that there are one or more underground “temples” of the Cult of the Dragon in Urmlaspyr. ) Daerlun is run by Halath Tymmyr, an elderly merchant. However, Tymmyr‘s commander of the guard, Allathast (LE hm F8), pulls the simple Tymmyr’s strings.

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