Crustal permeability by Tom Gleeson, Steve Ingebritsen

By Tom Gleeson, Steve Ingebritsen

Permeability is the first keep an eye on on fluid move within the Earth’s crust and is essential to an incredibly wide selection of geological methods, since it controls the advection of warmth and solutes and the iteration of anomalous pore pressures.  the sensible value of permeability – and the potential of huge, dynamic alterations in permeability – is highlighted through ongoing matters linked to hydraulic fracturing for hydrocarbon construction (“fracking”), more suitable geothermal structures, and geologic carbon sequestration.  even though there are literally thousands of learn papers on crustal permeability, this can be the 1st book-length treatment.  This publication bridges the historic dichotomy among the hydrogeologic viewpoint of permeability as a static fabric estate and the viewpoint of different Earth scientists who've lengthy well-known permeability as a dynamic parameter that adjustments in keeping with tectonism, fluid creation, and geochemical reactions. 

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2001). 12 Measured and calculated mean values of pre- to postpermeability change ratio at three niches (Niche 3107, 3560, and 4788). 13 Fracture stress–transmissivity behavior of fractures back-calculated from permeability measurements during excavation of niches: (A) exponential stress–aperture relationship and (B) corresponding stress–transmissivity relationship. 14 Depth-dependent permeability in fractured rock obscured by chemical and mechanical processes (Rutqvist & Stephansson 2003). Permeability was measured in short-interval well tests in fractured crystalline rocks at Gideå, Sweden (data points from Wladis et al.

3 Typical hydromechanical behavior of rock fractures during normal (A, B) and shear (C, D) deformation (Rutqvist & Stephansson 2003). Effects of sample size is indicated with the laboratory sample response (dashed lines) compared with in situ fracture response (1-m2 size). 4 Simulation of the horizontal permeability evolution of an intensely fractured rock mass subject to increasing shear stress (σx/σY) ratio (results from Min et al. 2004). Elastic simulation results are compared with that of elastoplastic using Mohr–Coulomb failure along fractures to investigate the effect of shear dilation on horizontal permeability.

02). 48, corresponds to the relation for a joint, whereas the other linear curves correspond to the relation for a fault (Schlische et al. 1996; Schultz et al. 2008). 9 Predicted typical changes in the (A) geometric mean of aperture, (B) permeability, and (C) flow area with fracture length, for fractures with no shear displacement (joints) and fractures with constant ratios of shear displacement to fracture length (faults). 10 are represented. 10 (A) Estimated relations between fracture length and moment magnitude and shear displacement and moment magnitude, and changes in (B) mean aperture and (C) fracture permeability as a function of moment magnitude.

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