Critique et clinique by Gilles Deleuze

By Gilles Deleuze

– remark une autre langue se crée dans los angeles langue, de telle manière que le langage tout entier tende vers sa limite ou son propre « dehors ».
– remark l. a. possibilité de los angeles psychose et l. a. réalité du délire s’inscrivent dans ce parcours.
– remark le dehors du langage est fait de visions et d’auditions non-langagières, mais que seul le langage rend possibles.
– Pourquoi les écrivains sont dès lors, à travers les mots, des coloristes et des musiciens.

Ce recueil est paru en 1993.

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So that if from this they make out that matter is nature, from what arises being not form but matter, as happens with artifacts, [we answer that] since we too have shown that form is what arises from f o r m (for man and horse and all fruits are form, and man arises from man and grain from grain and similarly in the other cases), form would be nature and not matter; for this is what generates and what is generated. So that this alone would be nature even on the considerations by which they attempted to establish that matter is nature; for on this account even the bed generates not a bed but wood, since b e d is not a natural form but an artificial one, while wood is matter for the bed as artificial but in and of itself it is a natural form, like man and grain and the rest.

It is absurd] especially, he says, [because] all those who discuss nature clearly busy themselves also about the shape of the cosmos and of the particular [celestial bodies]. So that neither on grounds of reason nor on those of self-evidence is it reasonable to believe that it is not the job of a natural philosopher to discuss the per se properties of natural things but only about substances. Therefore this is not the distinguishing mark of the natural philosopher as against the mathematician.

What comes from Aristotle then, and to what extent it is plausible, we have now stated, and it is clear that his intention is directed against Plato. But for my part I assert that if this was his objection to h i m , that he separated apart in reality the forms of natural things, then the objection was reasonable (for it is impossible that things which have their being in a substrate should ever be real standing on their own). But if he is saying this, that it is impossible to separate the form from the matter by reason or in thought, [that] does not seem reasonable to m e .

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