Critical Thomism, Reality, and Politics by Anthony J. Fejfar

By Anthony J. Fejfar

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This experiment shows us that Logical Positivism as a philosophy is flawed at best, blatantly false at worst. Although Lonergan did not discuss it, it is clear that level three consciousness involves the intuitive functions of judgment and reflection. Insight on the levels of both understanding and judgment comes from Intuition. Intuition is a natural gift of the Spirit. All real art, poetry, new philosophy, new theology, and new inventions, comes from Intuition. If we wish to be successful and to really be Lonerganians, we must become Intuitive Mystics.

Belongingness Needs 4. Esteem Needs 5. Self-Actualization Needs Thus, the most basic need for a human being is food, clothing, shelter, etc. Next, is the need to be safe from attack or natural disaster. Next, is the need to belong. Next is the need to have selfesteem, or to feel good or positive about what one has accomplished. Finally, there is the need to selfactualize. The need to self-actualize is the need to actualize meaningful projects in one’s life. But, I argue there is at least one more level of Need, and Motivation, that is, Self-Transcendence.

But, then, some contemporary theologians define Hell as the complete separation from God. Obviously, both cannot be true. If God is in charge in Hell, then obviously a person in Hell is not separated from him, instead one is being punished by him. The last problem with Hell is ecumenism. Many Catholics and Protestants are ecumenical, that is, they try to find the Spirit in other religious traditions. Where before, my Protestant friend might think I was going to Hell for not being a “Born Again” Christian, and I, his Catholic friend might think that he was going to Hell for missing Mass on Sunday, or something else, after ecumenism, this began to fade.

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