Creating Reusable Learning Objects by Joseph Frantiska Jr. Ed.D.

By Joseph Frantiska Jr. Ed.D.

This short examines and explores the reuse of studying gadgets to augment scholars' studying reviews. the writer information the problems of reusing studying gadgets, or the Reusability Paradox, and the way to create extra versatile studying gadgets. The short additionally proposes a technique to reduce boundaries and consequently maximize a studying object's application throughout a few fields.

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In Fig. 1, point A is asymptotic relative to the degree of context specificity and point C is asymptotic relative to the degree of reusability. In the middle is point B which represents the point where the degree of reusability and degree of context specificity may both be optimal. Chapter 10 A Structured Approach Is it possible to create a learning object with minimal modification(s) and still be truly usable in multiple contexts? As an example, the endeavors of sailing and flying are both similar and dissimilar.

Based on the previous discussion of fire whirl formation, the phases can be discerned as: 2. A localized heat source provides a rising column of air. 3. The column of air pulls carbon-rich gases upward. 4. The air/gas column rises until it reaches a high enough level containing sufficient oxygen to support combustion. 5. The air currents pulled into the rising column can converge and create a spinning moment that acts to cause the entire column to spin. Next, we need to look at the dynamics involved in the creation of a dust devil.

Converging low-level winds drawn into the fire impart a spin to the column like the aforementioned spinning ice skater, pulling her arms inward. Therefore, while tornadoes and fire whirls both require currents of air to start the rotation, the mechanism and of course the environment is quite different. The other similar phenomenon is that of the dust devil as seen in Fig. 1 right. As the figure shows, a dust devil can form in the absence of clouds or precipitation as the word “dust” implies. They can be tens of yards in diameter and up to a half mile in height.

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