Corsairs of the Great Sea by Nicky Rea

By Nicky Rea

CONTENTS: * a gorgeous poster map of the Corsair domain names and Zakhara's northern seashores. * Six full-color cardstock sheets containing maps and participant aids. * An 8-page e-book choked with new monsters, together with the scary ghul-kin. * A 32-page sourcebook detailing the wily pirates of Hawa and their maximum enemies, the stalwart mamluks of Qudra, plus numerous new magical goods. * A 64-page experience booklet featuring a wonderful array of stories set in or close to the Corsair domain names.

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The guards arrive one round after they have been summoned, emerging from the room next door. They concentrate their attacks on any obvious spellcasters first, attempting to keep them from using spells. The guards are loyal mamluks of the Faithful who obey Adun without question. Adun is still under the effects of the evil eye, and as such his attacks and saving throws suffer a -2 penalty (Fate will not aid him, and he is unlucky in his maneuverings). If the characters are having too difficult a time with him, the DM should feel free to have him slip or miss an easy attack or otherwise be the recipient of a piece of bad luck.

The effects of crossing the swamp are the same as for their first trip through. Once clear of the coral, the sea elves return control of the ship and dive overboard. If the characters have been particularly foolish or failed to be discreet, the DM may want to send a pirate vessel after them in an attempt to sink them. If they have to make a run for it just ahead of Jayani’s people, they will have to steer themselves through the swamp and coral and hope their maps are accurate. The Mamluk Council W hen the party returns, they can meet with Adun, who will suggest that they imply that they were working for Admiral Dus Abd al-Dawwar, the goblin commander of Qudra’s fleet.

An idea suddenly came to him, and forgetting that no one else was supposed to know of the spy’s capture yet, Adun turned to the spy and demanded, “Tell me how the Qudran fleet can penetrate the defenses of Hawa. ” The spy groveled and cried out, “But most worthy mamluk, I am only a small, insignificant lookout for the corsairs. I do not know their secrets. ” Feeling his hopes collapse around him, Adun sat back and glowered at the spy, then motioned for him to be taken away. The ancient qadi quietly cleared his throat and said, “That is unfortunate, general, but I have heard that merchants and adventurers often find their way through to Hawa.

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