Core Fitness by Paul Collins

By Paul Collins

Core Fitness offers the newest leading edge education regime with its leap forward 'Cavity established education method' and Core-in-Motion approach (CIMM) introduced in a 4 part development for supporting you in achieving top point health

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In addition, rotational patterns can be introduced for increasing body awareness and the Core-inMotion Method™ (CIMM). Instruction • Lie in an extended position – legs together, toes pointed; arms overhead, hands together. • Simultaneously brace your core abdominal region and body musculature – raising the arms, shoulders and legs off the ground into a body dish (banana type) position and holding. e. 5-30 seconds or more) without the lower back arching. Assessment • If at any time the lower back begins to arch, generally as an occurrence of the arms or legs or abdominals fatiguing, stop the exercise.

Alternatively, place both hands on the thighs and slide hands towards knees as shoulders and legs rise off the ground. 2009 11:17 Uhr Seite 63 PHASE 3 2. 63 Medicine Ball Toe Touch Aim: Strengthening the rectus abdominus muscle for improving muscular endurance of the core region. Instruction • Lie on your back with legs raised from hip at 90 degrees and slightly bent. Apply 3B’s Principle™. • Extend arms up above eye line holding Medicine Ball. • Breathing out, raise shoulders off the ground and reach Medicine Ball up towards feet, then lower.

Essentially every drill is a test within itself, because each exercise can be trained and improved. So, no matter where you stand today, this can certainly be improved in the future. The evaluations I have included are a mixture of drills that require body awareness, stability, core strength, upper and lower body strength and power. In all instances, complete focus and concentration is required by maintaining good form and deep breathing patterns at all times applying the 3B’s Principle™ (from page 79).

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