Conspiracy Theories by Kate Tuckett

By Kate Tuckett

Anxious that the area is administered via a sinister cabal working on the very maximum point of presidency? you may be correct. Bringing jointly proof on themes starting from the Sphinx to JFK, Chernobyl to males in black and lifestyles on Mars to Roswell, this e-book has a cover-up for each party.

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He says that: ‘There was no way that there was a genuine study. It was only done for a very short time over a very limited area. If they were genuinely looking they would have kept on for a couple of years right across the country. They obviously want to sweep up the queries as quickly as possible. ’ Government officials have denied these allegations. A representative for the Ministry said in response: ‘We did it with the best experts available. We gave 33 B it our best shot. They weren’t just going on a scouting mission with an elephant gun and a pair of binoculars.

B A ARMY EXERCISES pparently, in recent years, Charlotte, North Carolina, has been victim to a terrifying series of military exercises, posing under the guise of urban combat training. The town’s inhabitants have been thrown into complete panic as gunfire and grenades have exploded into the dead of night. Hundreds of helicopters have come screeching down over residential areas, so low that they have rattled the windows of buildings not to mention the nerves of the people inside. The police did not seem prepared to offer any reassurance at all and simply met inquiries with the response that ‘operations were being performed’.

The two companies must have been in cooperation for some time now and have us all wrapped around their collective little fingers. Innocuous as it all may sound, when you consider the billions made by the two companies, it does make you wonder at what point they will strike collectively and take over the world. 48 B B CARS y the twentieth century, the US had established its independence and England had accepted that even if they had lost their colonies, they had gained a powerful ally. However, a small number of British people could not cope with the idea of colonial independence.

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