Conspiracy in Camelot by Jerry Kroth, Jerome A Kroth

By Jerry Kroth, Jerome A Kroth

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These results lend support to the notion that the fragments also came from Oswald’s rifle. 25 Conspiracy in Camelot period of time; but Secret Service agent John Howlett duplicated Oswald’s route, hid the rifle, and ran down the staircase to the second floor all within ninety-one seconds. Only one witness partially identified the gunman in the Depository window as Lee Harvey Oswald, forty-five-year-old Howard Brennan: He watched spellbound as the gunman fired the final shot and then disappeared from view.

Menninger, Mortal Error, New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1992, p. 6 70. , p. 207 43 Conspiracy in Camelot The best evidence that a shot came from in front of the President (from the grassy knoll) comes from the HSCA inquiries held in the late 1970s. JFK archivist Mary Farrel, of Dallas, gave to HSCA Chief Counsel Blakey an audiotape made from a motorcycle patrolman’s Dictabelt. Farrel was uncertain what the recording might prove, since its quality was so poor, but she hoped a well-equipped acoustics laboratory might make more sense out of the recording.

This apparent perjury convinced the jury that if he was willing to lie under oath about the “n” word, perhaps he was also willing to lie under oath about the bloody glove; and thus “reasonable doubt” existed. OJ was set free largely on that basis. In like spirit, if Hosty, according to his own admissions, was party to the destruction of evidence, why should we not consider that “reasonable doubt” exists with respect to his prosecutorial conclusions as well? DR. PEPPER OR COCA-COLA: THE OBSESSION BEGINS The publication of conspiracy texts leaves the dispassionate observer astonished at the high level of detail that has been developed.

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