Collected Works of Poe, Volume III (Webster's by Edgar Allan Poe

By Edgar Allan Poe

This variation is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a working Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of accrued Works of Poe, quantity III. This edit

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Peter himself was one of the most ferocious-looking men I ever beheld. He was short in stature, not more than four feet eight inches high, but his limbs were of Herculean mould. His hands, especially, were so enormously thick and broad as hardly to retain a human shape. His arms, as well as legs, were bowed in the most singular manner, and appeared to possess no flexibility whatever. His head was equally deformed, being of immense size, with an indentation on the crown (like that on Chinese Simplified ascending: 上升的, 上升, 向上的.

To pass this man with a casual glance, one might imagine him to be convulsed with laughter, but a second look would induce a shuddering acknowledgment, that if such an expression were indicative of merriment, the merriment must be that of a demon. Of this singular being many anecdotes were prevalent among the seafaring men of Nantucket. These anecdotes went to prove his prodigious strength when under excitement, and some of them had given rise to a doubt of his sanity. But on board the Grampus, it seems, he was regarded, at the time of the mutiny, with feelings more of derision than of anything else.

Blade: 刀叶, 刀片. boards: 纸板. cracks: 裂缝. deaths: 死亡. defiance: 挑战. determination: 决心, 判定, 鉴定. dreadful: 可怕, 恐怖的. eagerly: 渴望地, 热切地, 急切, 津津有味. evident: 显然, 明显的. exceeding: 过度, 超越. extreme: 极端, 非常, 深沉. fate: 命运. gentle: 轻松, 文雅的, 斯文, 柔和. horror: 恐怖. interment: 葬礼. joy: 乐趣, 快乐, 高兴, 喜悦. loose: 松开, 松弛的. premature: 为时过早, 过早的, 早熟的. pressed: 压. prominent: 突出, 突出的. reflection: 反射, 反映, 影子, 鉴. retrace: 折回. steady: 稳定, 坚定, 平稳, 平稳的. suffocation: 窒息. thrust: 插入, 刺, 刺插. unyielding: 不屈不挠, 不屈, 刚强. useless: 赘瘤, 无用, 不稂不莠, 不中用, 无用的, 没用.

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