Cold Steel and Secrets: A Neverwinter Novella, Part I by Rosemary Jones

By Rosemary Jones

Despatched through the undercover agent grasp of Neverwinter to enquire a bunch of rebels, Rucas Sarfael reveals a priceless adversary within the attractive fencing grasp Elyne. Matching wits and blades with the insurgent chief, Rucas strives to turn out himself and upward thrust within the insurgent ranks partially 1 of this four-part novella set within the well known urban of Neverwinter.

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King Bruenor had handled the transition of power from Obould to his son with great tact and had kept the tensions low enough, but orcs were orcs, after all, and no one really knew how trustworthy this son of Obould might turn out to be, or even if he had the charisma and sheer power to keep his wild minions in line, as had his mighty father. Pwent decided he would talk with Nanfoodle next time he had the gnome alone, friend to friend, but he had put all of it out of his mind by the time he slipped back out into the hallway.

He demanded. Jessa kept retreating, but when her back came against a stone, when she ran out of room, the orc’s demeanor changed immediately, and she snarled right back at Pwent as she drew forth a slender iron wand. …” she warned, taking aim. “Pwent, no! ” Nanfoodle yelped. ” Pwent asked, unconcerned. “Good for ye, then. ” On he came, or started to. Jessa began her incantation, aiming her explosive wand at the dwarf’s dirty face, but then both paused and Nanfoodle’s next shout caught in his throat as the sound of sweet bells filled the air, joyously tinkling and ringing.

Only five, you say! ” Nanfoodle looked up from the pouch, but not at the orc, his absent gaze drifted off into the distance, and his mind whirled behind it. ” he mused and glanced at his beakers and coils. ” Jessa echoed. ” Nanfoodle looked at her as if she were being ridiculous. “Well along the way,” he assured her. A wicked little grin curled Jessa’s lips up so high they seemed to catch the twisting strands of yellow hair, a single bouncing curl to either side, that framed her flat, round face and piggish nose.

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