City Sites (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition) by Skip Williams, Paul Jaquays

By Skip Williams, Paul Jaquays

City Sites, the 1st in a chain of AD&D online game floorplans, contains broad info on city settings that participant characters are inclined to stopover at in any crusade. for example, there's:

A smithy run by means of gnomes

A temple that is domestic to an orphaned dragon

A tavern that buyers cannot input until eventually they offer the password

This booklet additionally describes resorts, a making a song fountain, a prison, and masses more!

Each websites access tells the Dungeon grasp what where seems like at the beginning look and provides a close floorplan of the internal in addition to an image of the outside. Readers additionally locate attention-grabbing notes concerning the characters who stay and paintings in each one web site, and one or rules for personalizing the spot to fit any adventure.

From now on, make a visit to the town effortless - and intriguing!

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As the city lacks a formal prison system, sen-' tencing is quick and to the point. Misdemeanors such as disturbing the peace, petty fraud, and the like send offenders into the stocks (page 45) for one to three days, sometimes with a flogging for good measure. Thieves must return stolen goods, plus an extra fine (equal to 10% of the s&df hold 8. Qup'el: A cur4te h m the CivsC m k (page 15) remains on duty in the chapel at the weat wing of the courthouse 24 h m a dry. this room'fom cqptt$d booths where visitors can meditate a r m y in solitude.

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