Christmas: Better Than a Lump of Coal (Philosophy for by Scott C. Lowe

By Scott C. Lowe

From Santa, elves and Ebenezer Scrooge, to the tradition wars and virgin start, Christmas - Philosophy for Everyone explores a number of philosophical concerns raised via the practices and ideology surrounding Christmas.

Offers considerate and funny philosophical insights into the main generally celebrated vacation within the Western world

Contributions come from quite a lot of disciplines, together with philosophy, theology, non secular reviews, English literature, cognitive technological know-how and ethical psychology

The essays hide a variety of Christmas issues, from a defence of the miracle of the virgin delivery to the relevance of Christmas to atheists and pagans

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22 At first glance, Hume’s arguments seem to obligate us to reject the doctrine of the virgin birth. But let us examine the evidence of the experience presented to us in the gospels of Matthew and Luke concerning Mary and Joseph. The first skeptic of the virgin birth – or better, virginal conception – was Mary herself. This event was not within her framework of natural experience. ” Mary’s alarm signals the awkwardness and unnaturalness of this process for her. She was not seeking, imagining, desiring, or preparing for such a moment.

Often neglected, sometimes ridiculed, and certainly underappreciated, discovering and understanding the virgin birth of Christ can be a special gift this Christmas season. ”7 New Christians were expected to answer affirmatively and regard this doctrine as an essential part of their new-found faith in Christ. This was not a secondary article of faith. New Testament theologian J. ”8 The phrase withstands the test of time in very diverse Christian congregations. A few examples include the belief systems of Southern Baptists, Presbyterians, and Methodists.

It can mean virgin, maiden, young woman of marriageable age, or newly married woman. Which do you think is used in the quote? If you guessed the second, you’re correct. So, there is some ambiguity regarding what was meant by the prophecy in Isaiah. When Matthew translated this passage into Greek he eliminated the ambiguity by translating it into the Greek word parthenos, which means a literal virgin. 13 One additional reason to call into question the credibility of both Matthew and Luke is that they contradict each other on a pretty major point – the marital status of Mary and Joseph at the time of Jesus’ birth.

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