Cheerleading technique, training, show by Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba

By Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba

This ebook offers the fundamentals of studying for capability cheerleaders and the fundamentals of training for coaches and lecturers. Cheerleading is not only dance, acrobatics, speachsong and spectacle; it's particularly a workforce activity requiring loads of labor. yet somebody who has been touched by means of the spirit reveals it not easy to provide it up. This booklet explains what it is all approximately. beginning with warm-up and stretching, then relocating onto jumps, cheers and chants and eventually dance, this publication comprises the entire info you want to manage a winning workforce. it's appropriate for knowledgeable cheerleaders and coaches, not only for novices. academics who want to provide this game also will locate the mandatory information during this e-book.

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Motions are arm movements that must be performed with a certain power. Synchronization is important within the team, as it is a sign of quality. f. photo). Tight, fast and snappy movements that are synchronized are easier for the spectators to make out than light, flowing motions. This is why we talk about the sharpness of motions. Motions must be performed sharply and precisely. By sharpness, we mean firmness and abruptness of execution. Frequent, intensive practice is required to master the motions.

Cheers can differ greatly. They are as different as the teams themselves. Many cheers are dance-based and others are more gymnastic; the content and effect are up to the cheer team, there is no right or wrong style. To learn a cheer, you should first learn the text, just as you did with the chants. You can learn them by reading through the text a few times and then get the accentuation right. The accentuation is crucial in a cheer, as it determines when the movements take place: a movement always takes place on an accentuated syllable.

Sit on the floor with the hands resting on the right knee and the left leg stretched out to the side. The upper body is upright. Raise the straight leg and keep the foot pointed. Then, bend the raised leg and continue the exercise with the leg bent. These exercises should also be performed on the other side of the body. P33A G❮❮E Cheerleading engl. 2. 2008 9:24 Uhr Seite 34 CHEERLEADING ▼ ❮❮ TechniqUE • Training • Show ❮❮ Leg Strengthening III This exercise mainly strengthens the quadriceps, formed by the rectus femoris, the vastus medialis, lateralis and intermedius.

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