Champions of Ruin (Dungeon & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by Jeff Crook

By Jeff Crook

Every thing a participant must recognize to play evil or morally ambiguouscharacters within the Forgotten geographical regions setting.Champions of break™ is a complete consultant to enjoying evil characters inthe Forgotten nation-states atmosphere. Many elements of play are lined: vengeance,ambition, evil vs. evil, corruption and ethical failure, loyalty and betrayal.The booklet additionally discusses varieties of evil–lawful, chaotic, and neutral–as good as morally ambivalent characters resembling anti-heroes and rogues. Elder evils of maximum strength are mentioned besides instruments, feats, spells, evil areas andplanar touchstones, and guilds and corporations that evil characters canjoin. new races also are introduced.JEFF criminal has written novels for the Dragonlance® environment, includingDark Thane, The Rose and the cranium, and Conundrum.WIL UPCHURCH is a full-time online game freelancer whose such a lot recentwork with Wizards of the Coast, Inc. comprises big name Wars: final Adversaries™. His articles are available in Dragon® journal, Dungeon®magazine,and different significant gaming magazines.ERIC L. BOYD is a software program developer who has written largely approximately theForgotten nation-states for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. His newest creditsinclude misplaced Empires of Faer?n™, Faiths & Pantheons™, Races ofFaer?n™, and Serpent Kingdoms™.

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Market Price: 13,500 gp. Ungol Dust Vapor Trap: CR 5; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; gas; multiple targets (all targets in a 10-ft. by 10-ft. room); never-miss; onset delay (2 rounds); poison (ungol dust, Fortitude save [DC 15] resists, 1 Cha/1d6 Cha + 1 Cha [permanent drain]); Search (DC 20); Disable Device (DC 16). Market Price: 9,000 gp. 34 CR CR6 6 Built-to-Collapse Wall: CR 6; mechanical; proximity trigger, no reset, Atk +20 melee (8d6, stone blocks); multiple targets (all targets in a 10-ft.

How often you need a Hide check depends on the distance at which you follow. If you stay at least 60 feet away from your quarry, you can get by with a Hide check once every 10 minutes, provided that your quarry doesn’t suspect you’re following and that you do nothing but maintain the tail. At distances of less than 60 feet, you must make a Hide check each round. Of course, you still need appropriate concealment to succeed at Hide checks while tailing, but often many options are available. If you’re trying to tail someone on a city street, for example, you can duck behind passersbythough in that case, you wouldn’t be hidden from the people you’re using for cover, just from your quarry.

Spiked Pit Trap: CR 2; mechanical; location trigger, automatic reset; Reflex save (DC 20) avoids; 20 ft. deep (2d6, fall); multiple targets (first target in each of two adjacent 5- ft. squares); pit spikes (Atk +10 melee, ld4 spikes per target for ld4+2 each); Search (DC 18); Disable Device (DC 15). Market Price: 1,600 gp. Tripping Chain: CR 2; mechanical; location trigger, automatic reset, multiple traps (tripping and melee attack); Atk +15 melee touch (trip), Atk +15 melee (2d4+2, spiked chain); Search (DC 15); Disable Device (DC 18).

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