Centaurs and Amazons: Women and the Pre-History of the Great by Page duBois

By Page duBois

Traces the improvement of the Greek hierarchical view of existence that maintains to permeate Western society

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But Ixion, true to his anti-marriage character, attempted to seduce Zeus' sister and wife Hera. s He instead had intercourse with Nephele-cloud-an eidolon of Hera, and begat either the first Centaur, or Centauros, who subsequently, after intercourse with a mare, became the father of the Centaurs. 9 Ixion, in punishment for his act, was bound to a wheel which burned and turned eternally first in the air, then in the underworld. 10 Detienne compares his turning to that of the iunx, the instrument of magical seduction.

39. Michel Foucault, Les mots et les choses, une archeologie des sciences humaines (Paris, 1966). Translated as The Order oj Things (London, 1967). 40. Michel Foucault, L'Archeologie du sa voir (Paris, 1969). Translated as The Archeology oj Knowledge (London, 1972), p. 138. 41. , p. 191. 42. His discussion of Plato, for example, is restricted essentially to the Theory of the Ideas, with more stress given to its consequences in Western thought than to the whole body of Platonic theory. This is not a criticism per se, since his object of analysis is the tradition of this concept; however, the focus on synchrony brings other features to prominence.

Although the anecdote is told of both Thales and Socrates, and reported by this late source, the analogical model it lays out is consistent with other evidence in fifth-century culture. 15. John H. , 1955). 16. Geschichte des Altertums, 3rd ed. (Stuttgart, 1939), IV, pp. 423-33. 17. On the myth of the invention of women, see Pietro Pucci, Hesiod and the Language of Poetry (Baltimore and London, 1977), Introduction 21 pp. -P. Vernant, "Le my the besiodique des races," Mythe et pensee, pp. 13-79, and "Le mythe prometheen chez Hesiode," in Mythe et societe en Grece ancienne (Paris, 1974) pp.

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