Castles (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) by Jeff Grubb, David "Zeb" Cook, Bruce Nesmith

By Jeff Grubb, David "Zeb" Cook, Bruce Nesmith

Discover 3 magnificent CASTLES... * "Darkhold" within the FORGOTTEN geographical regions atmosphere: Towering stronghold of the nefarious Black community. * "Drungar" within the DRAGONLANCE surroundings: Bastion of safeguard opposed to Thenol's undead armies. * "Hart" within the GREYHAWK atmosphere: A paladin's shining, star-shaped citadel. See each one fortress dropped at lifestyles in its personal dramatic full-color poster, a full-color map, plus a 48-page ebook describing the citadel and all of the scheming characters who stay there. struggle BATTLES on the fort WALLS... adventure the joys of conquest with: * large BATTLESYSTEM situations for every citadel * an entire battle at the Drungar Frontier * New and increased siege, sorcery, and crusade principles for the BATTLESYSTEM miniatures online game construct A fort! build key components of Hart, Drungar, and Darkhold - or construct your personal castle with those experience FOLD-UP items: * Over forty towers, structures, and partitions * Over 60 components, together with battlements, doorways, home windows, arrow slits, rooftops, and drawbridges * Over forty "Tools of War," from fieldworks and siege towers to ballistae and a catapult * Over eighty floorplan aids, together with 2-D markers for corridors, stairwells, and extra.

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F ir ùF iree Tr ap: CR 4; 5-foot-radius flames around spell’s center when item opened, 1d4+14 fire damage, item undamaged; Ref save (DC 19) halves; Search (DC 29), Disable Device (DC 29). Benay can open the warded item without triggering the spell. R ug of Welcome: CR 5; transforms into animated object ùR and makes a grapple attack against anyone not uttering the password (see Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade); Search (DC 32); Disable Device (DC 32). », but Airees changes it every two weeks or so.

Divine spellcasters who become unable to cast divine spells cannot use divine innate spells. Special: You can choose this feat more than once, selecting another spell each time. You have to pay the costs in spell slots, focuses, and material components for each innate spell you acquire. Persistent Spell [Metamagic] You make one of your spells last all day. Prerequisite: Extend Spell. Benefit: A persistent spell has a duration of 24 hours. The persistent spell must have a personal or a fixed range (for example, comprehend languages or detect magic).

Thick; hardness 10; hp 60; break DC 24 (28 when barred); Open Lock DC 20. 2. Courtyard The walls surrounding the courtyard are 12 feet high. The area has a cobblestone pavement that is frequently slick with wet leaves or mushy fruit from the row of apple trees running diagonally down the courtyard’s center. Each tree sits in a raised bed of earth about 4 feet square. Airees planted the trees when the Hollow was built to provide shade, privacy, spring blossoms, and edible fruit. He is knowledgeable about trees and the like but a little short on practical upkeep.

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