Book of the Righteous (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy by Aaron Loeb, Brian Despain

By Aaron Loeb, Brian Despain

The e-book of the Righteous offers the main finished pantheon ever obvious within the d20 method. this huge, 320-page hardback presents greater than 20 pick-up-and-play church buildings such as gods that function in such a lot delusion campaigns (god of conflict, god of justice, etc.). each one church beneficial properties lavish aspect, together with in-depth details on its clerics, holy orders, dogma, prayers, and rituals. those church buildings can be utilized in any crusade to deliver a complete new point of element to the spiritual characters. Plus, should you wouldn't have an entire cosmology of their online game, The publication of the Righteous presents a finished mythology that unifies the entire gods within the e-book. That mythology, and its corresponding cosmology, isn't really tied to an present crusade atmosphere, making it as moveable and worthwhile as eco-friendly Ronin's seriously acclaimed Freeport sequence. The publication of the Righteous additionally includes a new middle type, the holy warrior, and new status sessions, feats, spells, domain names, magic goods, and artifacts. 3rd in eco-friendly Ronin's Arcana sequence, The ebook of the Righteous is a divine sourcebook like no different.

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The PC may seek out the pudgy magic-user for any number of reasons. Mysh will use his supply of potions to his best advantage, especially using potions of ESP to detect the PC’s thoughts. Through the use of his magics, he will be able to determine the PC is a thief of some sort. Since Mysh knows all the thieves of Hylock, he will guess that the PC is a rogue thief, looking for money. Mysh will offer him a simple job-enter the home of the baker, find the statuette of a black porcelain hawk, steal the hawk, and return it to Mysh.

He made a hawk of platinum and encrusted it with gems from head to foot. To disguise its worth, the emperor had the statuette coated with a thick covering of black porcelain. The deception worked and the paladin returned to the region of the Thadysh River, with the valuable hawk unharmed. ” Recently, Hylock’s baker came into possession of the black hawk, not knowing its history or value. It was found by his son who was also killed in the Gullwing Hills. It now rests on the mantle in the baker’s home.

Tin plates and cups are stacked on the rough-hewn tables. Guarding the door to the barracks (#8)are two thugs who are bored, but awake. It will be nearly impossible for the PC to Hide in the Shadows or Move Silently in this room (-50% penalty for both) without being seen by these thugs. There is a 1in 6 chance that the PC will disturb a number of thugs while they are eating. If this is the case, the room will have ld6 + 2 thugs sitting around consuming food and drink. A character going back to the armory and putting on a tabard of Zadaraq or a suit of chain mail and helm may make a disguise proficiency roll at + 4 to pass for one of the thugs of the Gullwing Bandit.

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