Book of Exalted Deeds (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by James Wyatt

By James Wyatt

Strike Down Evil with the Sword of Enlightenment“Only people who are natural in note, inspiration, and deed may possibly glance upon the information amassed inside of this blessed tome. For the blinding truths inscribed inside of supply not anything yet redemption or destruction for the depraved. may perhaps those consecrated pages ceaselessly light up the trails of the righteous.”-- Raziel the Crusader, ruler of the Platinum HeavenAs the ebook of Vile Darkness used to be a source ebook at the such a lot evil components of crusade play, the publication of Exalted Deeds focuses in its place at the availability of fine assets and contours within the D&D spectrum.Included are new exalted feats, status sessions, races, spells, magic goods, and outlines and statistics for a bunch of creatures and celestial paragons to best friend with virtuous characters. The publication of Exalted Deeds additionally presents descriptions and information for a bunch of creatures and celestial paragons to best friend with virtuous characters.Book of Exalted Deeds is the second one identify within the line of Dungeons & Dragons items in particular geared toward a mature viewers. to take advantage of this complement, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player’s guide, Dungeon Master's consultant, and Monster handbook. A participant wishes basically the Player’s guide.

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Attacks: Use the master’s base attack bonus or the familiar’s, whichever is better. Saving Throws: Use the master’s base save bonuses if they are better than the familiar’s. Familiar Special Abilities: Use the information in the Familiars sidebar on pages 52–53 of the Player’s Handbook to determine additional abilities as you would for a normal familiar. With the exception of celestial animals, celestial familiars do not grant their masters any of the benefits that appear in that sidebar. qxd 8/25/03 5:09 PM Page 42 CELESTIAL MOUNT [EXALTED] CONSECRATE SPELL [METAMAGIC] FEATS CHAPTER 4: Your special mount is a true creature of the heavens.

A variety of plantlike fiend might be vulnerable to a sanctified sickle or scythe, so that any hit dealt by such a weapon is automatically a critical hit. • A sanctified weapon might, through supernatural holy power, allow the wielder to score critical hits against undead creatures. The weapon’s threat range and critical multiplier are unchanged, and (even if the weapon is the subject of a bless weapon spell) the wielder must still roll to confirm a threat. qxd 8/25/03 3:26 PM Page 34 immediately initiate a grapple (as a free action) without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Sacrificing one’s life to save others or suffering martyrdom. If the character returns from the dead, he should receive an XP award equal to at least 100 XP per character level, which might help counterbalance a lost level. Using these guidelines as a starting point, the DM can construct adventures and encounters that allow all the characters in a party—pacifist or not—to shine and continue to advance levels. The DM should never set out to punish a character for taking the Vow of Peace feat. For the DM to pronounce one session, “A gnat got through the strainer in your drinking water this morning, you swallowed it, and now you need an atonement,” is simply capricious and unnecessarily antagonistic to the player.

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