Black-Eyed Susan by Laura Lippman

By Laura Lippman

This brief tale was once initially released in Laura Lippman's assortment not often KNEW HER.

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They wanted to keep us here because we sucked. We couldn’t work together – which made us no threat. And Team Four, because they were marginally more competent than us, would go home. “Team Four,” Chip continued, flipping over another slate, and then another. “Team Four. Team Four. ” He nodded at Team Four’s shocked faces and banged a gavel against a coconut. “Endurance Island has passed Judgment. ” He turned and glanced over at myself and Dean. “You are safe for one more round. ” Stunned, I glanced over at Dean to see his expression.

By the time I glanced up, the sun was going down, I was covered in sweat and bug bites, and I hadn’t given a single thought to making fire. But my small shelter was done! I felt a sense of pride as I looked at the small thing, and glanced over at the blanket that stuck out of Dean’s pack with a smug sense of pride. One of us would be sleeping well tonight, and even though he had a blanket, I had a shelter. I gathered some wood and tinder to make a fire, but the sun was too low into the sky and I couldn’t see what I was doing – I was mostly guessing at this point anyhow.

He gave me a disgusted look and gestured at our pathetic camp. “I was gone for over an hour and I come back and you haven't even attempted to start a fire of any kind. ” He took an over-exaggerated look around and spread his arms wide. “Wow, it looks amazing. I especially like the lodge you've set up. ” “Don't be sarcastic, you ass. I was clearing off the sand so we'd have someplace decent to actually set up. If you want to sleep on a bunch of rocks and branches, you're more than welcome to! ” “Finish!

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