Black Delta Night by Jessica Speart

By Jessica Speart

It really is referred to as Delta Gold -- caviar from the endangered Mississippi River paddlefish that opponents the world-renowned beluga. And now that greed has all yet decimated one thousand million buck Caspian Sea undefined, the Russian mafia is casting its deadly line into the land of ElvisTennessee is the purgatory the place the U.S. Fish and flora and fauna provider has consigned Rachel Porter for making hassle. Now, posing as a grimy agent at the take, she's diving right into a shark pool of hungry predators drawn via the smell of massive funds. yet there is extra roiling those waters than a thriving exchange within the unlawful poaching of paddlefish for his or her roe -- as Rachel's research unearths even scarier secrets...and homicide. In guarding the golden egg, Rachel has gotten in approach too deep over her head. And now she's in grave risk of studying the that means of "extinct" firsthand.

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A former wrestler, Vincent had taken me on as a tenant under one condition: if I was going to live in the isolated warehouse district, I’d have to allow him to teach me some wrestling moves. The fact that I was a wildlife agent had made him all the more adamant. ” he’d demanded. ” His point had been well-taken. Vincent picked himself up and brushed a few specks of dust off his burgundy velour jumpsuit. “By the way, Ter, you look like a million bucks. ” 42 Jessica Speart Terri nodded, and his near-perfect complexion blushed beneath its light cover of Chanel oil-free foundation.

Of course they don’t mind. That’s what computers and fax machines are for,” he scoffed. ” Terri reached into my glass for one of my two maraschino cherries. He was just about to take a bite, when he stopped and shot a reproachful glance my way. “Unless that was a subtle hint. ” He looked as pathetic as an unwanted puppy in a pet store window. “Absolutely not,” I assured him, and added my other cherry to his glass as undeniable proof. ” “That room is definitely going to take a lot of time. I’ll have to give it some thought while I’m working on Yarmulke Schlemmer’s new fall line.

Oh, bullshit! You can call it whatever you want, and it won’t make any difference,” Gena insisted. ” Vincent uncorked another bottle of Bordeaux and refilled everyone’s glasses. “That’s fine. Either you like it or you don’t, and Gena has a right to her opinion. ” I questioned, eager for a thumbnail education. “Because otherwise you can get stuck paying big 50 Jessica Speart bucks for what you think are primo eggs, such as beluga. ” I probed. ” Vincent swirled his wine, sniffed, and sipped. ” Gena grabbed that and ran with it.

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