Beyond the Moons (Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle, Book by David Cook

By David Cook

Little did Teldin Moore be aware of there has been existence past Krynn's moons--until a crashed spelljamming send demolished his farm and adjusted his existence. With a death alien's magical cloak and cryptic phrases, Teldin quick discovers that he's a favored fellow with killers and cutthroats.

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After all, hadn't she used a spell to communicate with him? "Fine, Gomja," the farmer answered after regaining his composure. " Teldin's voice became louder and higher until it was almost a hysterical shout. He pressed the blade against the giffs skin to emphasize his point. The giff hesitated with his answer until a little more pressure from Teldin encouraged a response. "You killed and robbed my captain. It is my duty and honor to protect her. " Teldin asked in disbelief. " "You wear her cloak," the giff answered, as if that was all the proof needed.

Smoke and fire roiled through the doorway. " Teldin swore. He abandoned all thoughts of rescuing the corpse, then dropped back to the dirt. His move came not a moment too soon, for a gout of flame rushed through the shattered windows and played across the ship's stern. Teldin picked himself up and finished the little that remained of the circuit before returning to his camp. Along the way he found more bodies: men, apparently sailors, all dead. These dead were in no danger from the fire, soleldin hurried back to check on his prisoner.

The strange wings, combined with the gleaming portholes near the bow, made the vessel seem like a living creature. This was furthered by the leaping shadows of the fire, which gave the shattered hulk the image of pulsing life, as if the last breaths of the ship were being gasped away. " Teldin swore softly under his breath, letting loose the strongest oath he had ever used. The farmer ducked down to go under the mast of the fore section when a scratching noise came from the deck. Whirling about, Teldin watched a dark, limp shape slide across the tilted foredeck, break through the railing at the edge with a wet thud, and drop behind the broken wall of the house.

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