Battlesystem: Miniatures Rules (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) by Douglas Niles

By Douglas Niles

This e-book, a full-scale revision and enlargement of the foundations within the unique BATTLESYSTEM delusion strive against complement, offers all of the info you must manage and play battles with miniature figures. those ideas can be utilized with out the AD&D video game books, yet you can even convert characters and creatures from an AD&D video game crusade and use them in BATTLESYSTEM situations. Lavishly illustrated in complete colour, this e-book is an enticing addition to any gaming library.

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The target unit is not located in special terrain. 2. The charging unit can pay the movement cost of getting through the special terrain and still have enough movement left (including its charge bonus) to contact the target. 3. The charging unit, when it emerges from the special terrain, is at least as far away from the target as its minimum charge range. Movement Penalties (to the player) for miscalculation or mismeasurement are assessed just as if the charging unit had been moving across clear, Hat terrain.

A routed unit that cannot complete its movement because of battlefield terrain is also considered destroyed. A routed unit cannot change frontage, unless that is the only way it can perform its rout movement. For instance, it can change frontage to squeeze through an opening on the battlefield if the unit would otherwise be blocked by terrain, friendly or enemy units, or other obstacles. A routing unit cannot rout through a gap too narrow to accommodate the widest stand of figures in the unit. A routed unit cannot change facing, except if it needs to make a turn to get itself pointed in the right direction (toward the edge of the battlefield) just after becoming routed.

The unit cannot use more than half of its movement allowance during this step. ) 3. Unless armed with bows, the unit cannot have fired missiles previously during the same turn. A unit that meets these conditions can fire either before it moves or after it A player's missile units can fire during the opponent's movement step, if they meet the following conditions: 1. No figure in the unit can be in contact with an enemy figure when the missile fire takes place or prior to the missile fire during the current movement step.

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