Atoms and Their Spectroscopic Properties by Dr. Viatcheslav P. Shevelko (auth.)

By Dr. Viatcheslav P. Shevelko (auth.)

Atoms and Their Spectroscopic houses has been designed as a reference on atomic constants and ordinary approaches concerning atoms. the themes comprise strength degrees, Lamb shifts, electrical multipole polarizabilities, oscillator strengths, transition probabilites, and cost move go sections. furthermore the themes of ionization, photoionization, and excitation are mentioned. The booklet additionally includes plenty of figures and tables, with considerable references. basic analytical formulation permit one to estimate the atomic features with no resorting to a computer.

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The order of magnitude of f" is defined by the factor (w/c)2x-2 oc (ocl\E/Ry)2x-2 both for Ex and Mx transitions, where w is the frequency of the transition. ,. ]2 2Ry /" (0-1). 3) Then, for Ex and Mx transitions, one has 7E f (0-1) Q"(0-1) 2 = (2/o + 1)(2x + 1) (L\E/Ry)R"' V. P. _1 , R,. 5) ~ ~)I P (r)P1(r)r"dr. 6) Here, Q,. is the angular coefficient which depends on the angular quantum numbers and P(r) is the radial wave function of the optical electron. 7) where Lc and Sc are the quantum numbers of the atomic core.

1(r) for Z = 1 have the form: (2r)l+1 ( (n + 1)! ,(r)- n'+ 2(21 + 1)! (n _ 1 _ 1)! e F( -n • + 1 + 1,21 + 2, 2r/n) _ ( (n + 1)! ,l+112(2r/n) - (n - 1- 1)! n(21 + 1)! 4) where F(m, n; x) is the conftuent hypergeometric function, L::'(x) is the generalized Laguerre polynomial and Mm,ix) is the Whittaker function. 1(r)P,.. ,.. 1(r) ~ (2rr1 ( (n + 1)! )112 2 n 1+1(21 + 1)! (n - 1 - 1)! ] 112 ' r--+oo. 4-7). 10) (r -1 1 z ) =--, n2 ao (r- 2 ) 1 Z2 = n3 (1 + 1/2) a~ ' 1 (r- 3) = n3 1(1 + 1)(1 + 1/2) Z3 a~ ' where a0 is the Bohr radius.

X- 1), S + S' ~ x- 1. 8) odd term +-+ even term . 10) where j is the total angular momentum. There are no limitations on the principal quantum numbers n and n'. 6) are not fulfilled, the dipole transition is forbidden. However, radiation may be possible but with a probability of about 10 5 times smaller than the dipole one. Such transitions are called forbidden transitions. 8), transitions are possible only between terms of different parity. 12) and S-S transitions are ruled out. , transitions with change of spin AS = 1 (so-called intercombination transitions) are forbidden.

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