Aristotle on Truth by Paolo Crivelli

By Paolo Crivelli

Aristotle's thought of fact spans a number of parts of philosophy: philosophy of language, common sense, ontology, and epistemology. Paolo Crivelli covers the most elements of Aristotle's perspectives on fact and falsehood during this quantity by way of interpreting intimately the proper passages and addressing famous difficulties of Aristotelian semantics. even though Crivelli assesses Aristotle's concept from the perspective of contemporary analytic philosophy, his publication can be of curiosity to quite a lot of scholars of historical philosophy and sleek philosophy of language as well.

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Are not genuine properties Introduction 31 (acquiring or losing them ‘does not make a change’). Aristotle is therefore committed to the view that truth is not a genuine property. In this respect Aristotle’s position is close to modern ‘minimalist’ theories of truth, which also claim that truth is not a genuine property. A fundamental difference, however, remains: in Aristotle’s case the idea that truth is not a genuine property is a consequence of his regarding truth as a sort of correspondence to the world, while modern ‘minimalist’ theories of truth reject the idea that to be true is to correspond to the world.

For example, how are utterances of ‘A goat is a goatstag’ and ‘A goatstag is white’ to be treated? e. a belief, or 26 Introduction assertion, which could be accurately formulated as an utterance constructed from several assertions linked by connective particles. Aristotle does not develop this solution in detail: had he done this, he would have realised that it faces serious difficulties. The laws of the Square of Opposition are valid. e. universal or particular predicative assertions). 9 For example, one of the quartets concerned is that consisting of an utterance of ‘Every horse is white’, one of ‘No horse is white’, one of ‘Some horse is white’, and one of ‘Not every horse is white’.

E. necessity, impossibility, possibility, and contingency. These modal attributes are on a par with truth and falsehood in that they hold of the same items of which truth and falsehood hold: objects, thoughts, and sentences. Introduction 21 Aristotle offers ‘statistical’ definitions of modal attributes in so far as they hold of objects: an object is necessary just in case it is always true, it is impossible just in case it is always false, etc. (these definitions are called ‘statistical’ because they turn on how often something is the case).

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