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Apache Axis Live Chapter 3 Custom Deployment This chapter focuses on the custom deployment of simple Axis web services. In this chapter, you will be looking at Web Service Deployment Descriptors (WSDDs) and how they are used to deploy and undeploy web services. The goal of this chapter is to give you a basic understanding of how you perform custom web service deployment. It is not intended to be a complete guide to WSDD files—a complete WSDD reference is contained in Appendix A of this text. jws extension.

Wsdd – The InventoryService Web Service Undeployment Descriptor It is much like a regular deployment descriptor, except that the outermost element is now . This element tells the Axis application that you are removing the service as opposed to deploying a service. The only other thing worth noting is the element. In this instance, the element is used to define the name of the service that you intend to remove. wsdd file. wsdd Now, when you open your browser to the AdminServlet (as you did previously), you will see that the InventoryService has been removed.

As discussed earlier, Axis has been told what to expect, but no parameter values have actually been passed to the Call instance. invoke() method, which is done below. invoke(parameters); When this method is called, it will invoke the addInventory() method of the Inventory web service and pass it the two values for sku and quantity (SKU456 and 8). When it completes, it will return the Integer value result of the addInventory() operation. Note: As for the rest of this client, you don’t need to go over the remaining methods, remove() and getInventory().

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