Analysis and Synthesis of Wire Antennas (Electronic & by B.D. Popovic, etc., M.B. Dragovic, A.R. Djordjevic

By B.D. Popovic, etc., M.B. Dragovic, A.R. Djordjevic

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DELTA-FUNCTION GENERATOR The delta-function generator is the simplest - and the least accurate theoretical model can approximate of to a the real excitation region certain degree any type of of wire antennas. It excitation, and has been widely used for analysis of wire antennas. Without ral forms going of into historical details, the delta-function generator ~•e shall only note that seve- have been used. 1 the generator is assumed in the form of an ideal voltage generator connected across a gap of negligible width along the antenna.

The The rna tching points extended boundary condi- formulate the equation). , with respect to Eiz(O). As it can be seen from Fig. 2. ::_1). This indicates that boundary conditions middle part total normalized electric field 6 points (where IE I <10- ). In the the monopole are the satisfied both to the extended and a high degree. total electric field in for an order of magnitude smaller than in the excitation zone. conclusions were found distribution along a to be valid for In the this case is Similar any good solution for current monopole of any dimensions.

Satisfies eqn. 24) for an arbitrary constant z . 0 Thus, if we consider eqn. 23) integral shown, distribution we along obtain the as a differential equation in the following integral equation for current the antenna (the constants c have still to 2 be determined, so that the sign in front of them is irrelevant): 1 and c z2 I I(z') g(r) dz' + c1 cos kz + c2 sin kz z1 z j~~ This equation is kernel I zo E. lZ (z')sink(z-z')dz' kno~vn containing only as the Hallen equation. 1/r terms. ( 1. 26) 2 Note Therefore, from that the it has the computational' point of view, it represents a very convenient equation, which has been widely used for analysis parallel antennas.

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