Always by Nicola Griffith

By Nicola Griffith

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So, for example, decide if you would rather be raped than feel the rapist’s eyeball burst all over your hand. Decide if you would rather blow someone’s head off with a twelve-gauge shotgun rather than let them pinch your backside. Decide whether you’d be willing to let a teenager torture your cat instead of dislocating her shoulder, whatever. It won’t be easy. ” T W O I W O K E E A R L Y, S T I L L O N A T L A N T A T I M E , S H O W E R E D , R E R E A D B E T T E ’ S F A X , S A W her note at the end, and called.

He held out his hand again. I shook it and smiled gravely, wondering who he thought I was. “They’ll be at this for a while longer, but, please, come this way. ” The boy at the props table, the one with the bony face, looked up. “Bring me a coffee, would you, and—no, no, never mind, Ms. ” Ms. Felter? The boy, Bri, at least, didn’t seem surprised by Rusen’s mental U-turns. The man I’d seen Bri with earlier—also young, but not a teenager—joined him. Rusen and I walked to the counter, where the carpenters were taking advantage of the temporary chaos to get another cup of coffee.

But how? ” “Solar plexus,” Therese said. Not gut or belly but solar plexus. Lots of time with a massage therapist, personal trainer, or individual yoga instruction. “Good. Come out here and show me. ” She threw a slow, tidy punch targeted one inch below my xiphoid process. ” I turned to the rest of the class. “See how she’s thrown the punch beyond the skin so that the fist would end up buried to the wrist? ” Pauletta said. “You mean like sixty seconds? ” “Kick him in the nuts,” Tonya said, then blushed.

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