Adventurer's Vault 2: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement by Rob Heinsoo

By Rob Heinsoo

Thousands of recent guns, instruments, and magic goods in your D&D(R) character.Whether you are a participant trying to find a brand new piece of apparatus or a Dungeon grasp stocking a dragon's hoard, this publication has precisely what you would like.

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T h e first time you roll an attack roll of 1 7 o r higher with an attack power using this staff before the end of the encounter, you score a critical hit with that attack. Lvl 3 i target the mind. 400gp Lvl 23 +5 425,000gp Lvl 1 3 +3 1 7,000 gp Lvl 28 +6 2,125,000gp I m p l e m e n t (Staff) E n h a n c e m e n t : Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: + 1d6 damage per plus Property: You gain a ' 1 item bonus to attack rolls with arcane charm o r sleep attack powers. Level 73 or 18: +2 item bonus.

A f t e r a successful conquest, Morgrale gained riches and c o n t e n t m e n t . No longer d e s i r i n g to v e n t u r e i n t o battle, h e b e c a m e lord of a n u m b e r of s l a v e s a n d w a r r i o r s . H e r e p r o d u c e d his m a g i c staff a n d g r a n t e d c o p i e s to his u n d e r l i n g s , s e n d i n g t h e m o u t to pillage a n d s u b j u g a t e o t h e r s in his n a m e . M o r g r a l e ' s Grasp: N e a r b y ogres h a v e c o m e u n d e r t h e c o m m a n d of a n oni m a g e c a r r y i n g a s t a n d a r d of M o r g r a l e .

T h e y ' r e i n v a d i n g t h e i r n e i g h b o r s in t h e n a m e of t h e i r m a s t e r . T h e r e are t o o m a n y o g r e s t o t u r n a w a y ; o n l y t a k i n g t h e fight to M o r g r a l e , w h o still k e e p s t h e o r i g i n a l staff of spell blasting, w i l l e n d his a m b i t i o n s . V e n g e a n c e Before D e a t h : T h e w i z a r d Gharlteban t h e B e t r a y e r g o t his n i c k n a m e f r o m t u r n i n g h i s b a c k on M o r g r a l e . Years after s w e a r i n g fealty to the ogre, G h a r l t e b a n switched sides a n d began w o r k e d against his f o r m e r m a s t e r .

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