ABC of Pain by Marie Fallon, Lesley A. Colvin

By Marie Fallon, Lesley A. Colvin

Persistent discomfort is a truly universal challenge, impacting on many sufferers. evaluate and administration might be not easy. The ABC of Pain specializes in the discomfort administration concerns frequently encountered in basic care.
Covering significant persistent ache displays, reminiscent of musculoskeletal soreness, low again soreness and neuropathic ache, the ABC of Pain additionally presents suggestions at the administration of ache in being pregnant, childrens, older adults, drug dependency and the terminally in poor health. starting with an outline of the epidemiology of persistent soreness, soreness mechanisms and the evaluation of soreness, it then offers useful suggestions on interventional techniques and techniques of potent ache management.

The ABC of Pain is a entire, evidence-based reference. it's excellent for GPs, junior medical professionals, nurse experts in fundamental care, palliative care experts, and in addition medical institution and hospice employees coping with chronically and terminally ailing patients.

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