A Grammar of Biloxi by Paula Ferris. Einaudi

By Paula Ferris. Einaudi

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Ll "y ll lf"to nkandE * xall . " yE + xti andell . el 'they went' 75-72 ll "ap + # ll - I ll gZ-L53 There is evidence that this e-a^,i alternation once existed in the connective eke as well (see 950), although by the late 19th century it was clearly an unproductive rule. The following forrns support this conclusion: rwell' eke eka( f wellt ekaha( I and thenl rand thenr ekek2 ekikaL Z. t whe reuponr Nouns and verbs whose sterns end in -Vhi or -Vhi undergo the following changes when followed by the plural rnarker -tu 1.

Counter-exarrrples: "t * yaoni ll , lnkyaoni/ ll "t * yanill . lnkyani/ fI sing' ll rI sleepr L66-17 Z90b The first person rnorpherne nk is subject to the following rules: 14. ll "t ll , l*l I as before the dative 10) k. Thi s rule applies before roots as well rnarker lkil . t ll kicill + /xticil + "t ll "r. + Lrll corne t 'I hither' horner I rnean' -+ /xku I ' lL3-23 75-60 155-15 unwilling' arn + /xkite / 'I shoot att + kite ll ll corne back 55 159 -5 -22 I givet 75-66 and: ^t ll + ki + yoha * nill , l*tiyohT ni/ 'I wish for hirn" ' not' 165 -10 15.

30a ll "y + yrhi * tull - /il"r*t,"/ 'you pl. thought' ZgZa ll ll "V zo. ll "vll lleyll ' l_V /"v -y-iyl - tyt , xtiff . hi llsll . tyt , "V + andE hi nill , ' you are' ' tyou I /V"nda yo,, hi ni/ tZ5-L3 laugh' cryr greatly' 57 - 46 tyou arrived' ll , /ayih[ I ll ll I 'you fear 145 - 18 L77a 'yo,, shall be sor 56-4213 . I tyou shootr 55-4 ll "V + ll " ll "v * "hi ll - ll "y ll "v * akanakill -+ lyakanaki I tyou got outt 85-L4 + ispEll . hi I tyou cryr 68-16 : tyou say' 67 -L3 'yo,, arriver 108- z0 ll "v + it i ll - l:ryltri I ll "y + "hi ll .

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