A Critical History of Greek Philosophy by W. T. Stace

By W. T. Stace

The traditional Greek philosophers have performed a pivotal position within the shaping of the western philosophical culture. This ebook surveys the seminal works and concepts of key figures within the old Greek philosophical culture from the Presocratics to the Neoplatonists. It highlights their major philosophical matters and the evolution of their notion from the 6th century BCE to the 6th century CE.

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As Nicole Loraux has shown in The Invention of Athens: The Funeral Dration in the Classical City, autochthony has been an obsession with the Greeks, especially with the Athenians, who seemed to have given themselves over to the delights of narcissism, producing an extensive discourse on autochthony, that is, on the Athenian citizen as having been born frOIIl the earth and remaining as such identical to himself, always excelling in his virtues both in his verbal and practical acts. 18 An autochthon is thus an aboriginal, original, or indigenous inhabitant, a native of the land itself.

43 Now, it is important to point out that this somewhat unolympian god, who is at the same time the Greek god par excellence, also spent most of his life on earth and among men (paradoxicaIly, it may be precisely his birth on the floating island without attachment to the earth that made it possible for him to dwell on the earth, with a lower case e). -14 Furthermore, most, though by no means aIl, of his deeds are on this earth. With this in mind, let me return to the territorialization and de territorialization that is involved in the creation of new cities.

13 Before 1 make the first of several attempts at darifying this rather elliptic, if not seemingly counterintuitive, passage-proceeding in the manner of a detective, not unlike, perhaps, a character in a Conan Doyle story, until, finally, 1 will be able to address the reason for its obscurity and to establish what is meant by it-Iet me point out that the de territorialized territory of the city is that of a "milieu of immanence" (87) in which the Autochthon is set free, or, more specifically, in which the autochthonous citizen is liberated from one kind of autochthony and given another, a free autochthony.

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