A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds by Beryl Rawson

By Beryl Rawson

A spouse to households within the Greek and Roman Worlds attracts from either tested and present scholarship to supply a wide review of the sphere, have interaction in modern debates, and pose stimulating questions on destiny improvement within the examine of households. presents updated examine on kinfolk constitution from archaeology, artwork, social, cultural, and monetary background contains contributions from tested and emerging foreign students positive factors illustrations of households, kids, slaves, and formality lifestyles, besides maps and diagrams of web sites and dwellingsHonorable point out for 2011 unmarried quantity Reference/Humanities & Social Sciences PROSE award granted via the organization of yankee Publishers

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By choosing to work at a village level I hope to eliminate the difficulties discussed above, while retaining a unit of analysis small enough to present a relatively local picture. For Roman Egypt as a whole, Roger Bagnall and Bruce Frier have used census returns to look at household size and composition (Bagnall and Frier (1994) 57–66; see also Huebner, this volume). 82 people. This figure masks considerable variation in the scale and configuration of the households in question, which ranged from single individuals through conjugal households and sibling groups, to those composed of extended families or multiple family groups.

In 2003 the Institute of Archeology and Antiquity (IAA) at the University of Birmingham brought together scholars working in archeology, various areas of ancient history, literature, and art to participate in a program of interdisciplinary seminars. It is significant that its first publication was in the area of family studies, Children, Childhood and Society, ed. S. Crawford and G. Shepherd (2007). The choice of a huge eighth-century BCE wine-mixing pot (a krater) from Attica as the cover image illustrated the importance of such artifacts for the study of Greek burial customs and the presence of children in such ritual.

A second entrance to the house led from this northern court. indd 22 10/13/2010 10:10:36 AM Family and Household 23 Full publication of the architecture and finds will help in assessing in detail the roles played by the different rooms. So far, however, there is little indication that the house was divided into separate, self-contained units. While space was arranged around two different courtyards, their functions seem to have been complementary and the rooms were laid out as part of an integrated whole.

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