50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Migraines by Wendy Green, Anne MacGregor

By Wendy Green, Anne MacGregor

Detect the right way to stay away from migraine triggers, select worthy meals and supplementations to aid deal with migraines, and extra during this entire therapeutic manual According to the realm well-being association, migraines are some of the most severe, disabling health conditions. instructing the best way to take care of them, this advisor explains how nutritional, mental, and environmental elements may cause migraines and gives useful suggestion and a holistic method of support deal with them, together with basic way of life and nutritional alterations and DIY traditional therapies. The advisor additionally teaches a fantastic understanding of conventional and replacement remedies.

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Vitamin B3 (niacin) The well-known nutritional therapist Patrick Holford recommends taking 100–200 mg of vitamin B3 at the ̞rst sign of a migraine. He claims that vitamin B3 is a vasodilator, which means it opens up the blood vessels, and that it can o˕en stop or reduce migraine symptoms. You may experience ̟ushing or a feeling of heat. He also recommends taking vitamin B3 to prevent attacks, saying there is evidence that taking 100 mg daily can halve the number of attacks. If you prefer to obtain this vitamin from your food, include beef, pork, chicken, ̞sh, nuts, dairy foods, wheat ̟our, potatoes and pasta in your diet as they are all good sources.

Research also suggests that moderate exercise helps to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. You do not need to join a gym to become more active, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is easy and e̝ective. Putting more e̝ort into the housework, gardening, walking the dog, getting up from your desk and walking around regularly, walking whilst talking on a mobile, are all ways of being more active. However, do not overdo it; over-exercising can be a migraine trigger. Also, exercise leads to more calories being burnt, 64 50 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY...

Others believe it is the high melatonin content which has a preventative e̝ect, or possibly the pain-relieving e̝ects of an essential oil contained in the plant. Researchers claim that side e̝ects from feverfew are generally mild. Some people ̞nd direct contact with feverfew leaves causes dermatitis and irritates the mouth – sometimes leading to ulcers. It may also cause stomach upsets in some users. It is not recommended during pregnancy as it may cause contractions. Also, if you take aspirin regularly, see your GP before using this herb as it has similar blood-thinning properties.

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